What people are saying …

Sarah, West Midlands

I had 6 sessions with Lisa and I cannot recommend her enough. She immediately puts you at ease: we clicked straight away and I genuinely felt like she cared about what I was trying to achieve. The sessions were all so interesting it seemed like Lisa knew just the right questions to ask to make me realise what my unconscious mind was trying to tell me! Her strap line is “You have all the answers I will help you find them” and this is absolutely spot on. Through her methods I tapped into things that made so much sense, but I hadn’t been able to come to realise on my own. I finished my sessions usually with one main ‘takeaway’ realisation and lots of tips of how to keep tuning in to my unconscious. Lisa is brilliant and I loved working with her!

Leon Richards, Managing Director

Working with Lisa, I’ve achieved challenging career objectives, improved personal and professional relationships and most importantly found great balance in my life. Her techniques allow your strengths to be realized and your journey to be appreciated. I am a more confident and fulfilled individual today as a result of Lisa’s coaching, she truly is the complete package and I recommend her to all. Thanks Lisa.

Fidel Beauhill

Lisa changed my life. That is not an exaggeration. She has helped me through some very difficult blockages with skill, kindness and understanding. She is a natural coach and therapist and I highly recommend her

Alison Thomas

“Right from the off, I felt a connection with Lisa. I felt like I could be myself in our sessions. I never felt judged. I felt she was on my side and she understood. I have benefited so much working with Lisa and thoroughly enjoyed every minute, even though it could be tough at times. Coaching has helped me to see I am capable of anything and I’m fabulous!  I will really miss our talks, but I know I will always keep in touch with Lisa one way or another”

Leah, West Midlands

Following each session of NLP and tapping I felt immediate release from issues I had been ruminating over for years. It’s as if your mind is a drawer and your thoughts and feelings are wires and cables. Over the years you might add more but then just close it making a bigger pile. An overthinker like me will regularly revisit the wires and go over and over until inevitably they’re in a bigger tangle to when you started! A session with Lisa gives you the time and space to open that drawer and she will patiently help you to untangle those wires carefully and methodically until you have a sense of order and relief. It’s not that those thoughts or feelings necessarily go away but you can now open and close that drawer without the dread of seeing that tangled mess inside! I can’t recommend Lisa enough and if you are umming and ahhing about booking a session just do it!

Catherine from West Midlands

I worked with Lisa for a short time and even during the first session, she was able to help me begin to ‘unblock’ barriers and identify cycles of thought that were holding me back. My goal was to stop body-shaming myself and take action in beginning a road to long-term fitness. Within 3 sessions, I had identified my negative cycles of thoughts (and their roots), and I have made long-term changes to my diet……I even booked a 1:1 gym session with a trainer, and found myself no longer ashamed about my measurements or weight….instead it’s a starting point. I’m wearing clothes that don’t hide my body, and I don’t beat myself up if my weight doesn’t go down each week, because this is lifelong change. Lisa’s approach is professional, empathetic and honest…… Just what I needed to change my thinking.

Lisa Thomas

After being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, having the op and then 5 weeks of radiotherapy, my mind was not in a good state. Lisa showed me how to look forward, how to change my negativity and worry to positive and happy thoughts. I now know how to live life as I should be living it. Thank you Lisa. I could not have got through this without you.

Michaela Wade

Lisa is a natural coach and therapist. She has an easy way and a can-do attitude. When I worked with Lisa I addressed some difficult issues but with her incredible insight and guidance she has turned my life around on a permanent basis. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough.

Lara, West Midlands

My teenage daughter has suffered with anxiety and her emotions for a number of years, I sourced counselling for her and this worked for the immediate timeframe after. However, during the following days and weeks she would return to repeatedly breaking down and being unable to cope with daily life. Lisa has now worked with my daughter over a number of months and after each session my daughter had a noticeable growth in confidence. She now deals with situations from a completely different viewpoint, she has learned to be able to express her emotions and accept that things in life may not always go smoothly but through Lisa’s continued work she has built her resilience and understanding of her emotional wellbeing. Following sessions Lisa ensured she spent time to feedback information with myself, without breaking client confidentiality, in order to also support me through the process. I am so very grateful for Lisa’s continued support. Thanks Lara

Jemma Twist, Stourbridge

I attended Lisa’s wellbeing group, it was a real breakthrough where I could really address what my barriers were and confront them head-on. It showed me how I could reflect on what I had done to reach my goals and what the plan was to continue to reach these goals – To visual a realistic goal and work towards it. I’m still working towards that goal and with the strategies, Lisa has given me I’m sure I will get there! She has also helped me with a huge part of my life – Passing my driving test! I had gone through the turmoil of failing two tests beforehand, out of my lack of patience. I sat down with Lisa for a session where we looked at what the barriers were and what I could do to minimize nerves and slowing my pace. She showed me the tapping technique which I did on the morning of my test and immediately before. I felt calm, relaxed and confident when going into my test – I PASSED!! Would highly recommend Lisa!!

Suzanne Hanbury

Lisa worked with me on a one to one basis. I can honestly say that she made me feel so relaxed and she is so easy to talk to.…the work she did really reinforced some changes I needed to make in my life. I can say that through the work we did together I now have a clearer vision for the future and have more confidence. I am truly thankful for her help and assistance.