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How to set and Achieve Goals

With the start of the New Year comes new beginnings, new ventures, resolutions, creating new habits and the want to achieve goals, targets and dreams. Some of these goals will be small, simple things.  But some may be huge goals, bucket list stuff, life long ambitions.  How exciting!! Setting and staying on track with your […]

Moving forward after Grief and Loss

Moving forward after Grief and Loss can seem impossible. I attended a funeral virtually last week for a much loved family member.  As well as the sadness of losing this person, the reality of being unable to attend the funeral in person due to government restrictions was horrible. It got me thinking about people I […]

How you can Control Overthinking

How you can Control Overthinking So, I have been sat in front of my laptop for a good hour now mulling over this new blog on How to control your overthinking!   As a rule, I am not an overthinker, however is the subject causing to me to go over and over what I want to […]

Emotional Eating – Are you Eating your Emotions?

Emotional Eating – Are You Eating Your Emotions? Emotional Eating – have you ever thought the link between your emotions and your ability to achieve healthy eating habits? I hear all too often: “Right, I’m going on a diet” or “I’m not eating chocolate” and then all you do is end up thinking about chocolate […]

3 ways to help improve your sleep

How to Improve Your Sleep I’m having trouble sleeping I take hours to fall asleep I keep waking up through the night I wake up in the very early hours of the morning and then can’t get back to sleep I hardly sleep at all These are a few of the statements I hear all […]

How EFT can help with Controlling Anxiety

Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly known as tapping is an energy therapy where you “tap” on acupuncture/meridian points on the body to help relieve both emotional and physical pain.  It can help with a variety of issues including anxiety, stress, panic attacks, anger, negative habits, fear, phobias, lack of motivation and trauma. By tapping on these […]

Change Your Life Solutions

Welcome to Change Your Life Solutions Blog Over the coming months I will be developing my blog to provide you with information about NLP Coaching and how it can help on your life journey. I’ll be giving lots of tips and up to date news so keep an eye out here for my latest updates.