4 Reasons Why You Should Trust Your Gut Feeling

For as long as I can remember I have been aware of my gut feeling. 

Sometimes it has been very strong  and sometimes it has been just like a little flutter of butterflies, but I have always known it has been there.

Years ago when I was a teenager I was walking home from being with friends.  It was quite late and it was dark.  I remember feeling confident about walking home alone most of the time but that night I felt a bit different as I was  about to turn into the side street that gave me a little shortcut home.

This was a familiar shortcut to me and I normally took it but that night I remember stopping dead at the road.  Everything in me was screaming not to go that way,  Carry on down the main road.  Something is not right.  But for whatever reason I chose to walk down the shortcut.

Trust your gut flowers

A few seconds after turning I was aware of someone following me.  A man, walking very quickly behind me.  I was turning back and every time I turned back he tried to hide from me.  He was crouching behind cars, leaning up against garden walls.  I remember this so clearly and I remember my heart beating really fast and I know I was scared.  

Nothing happened.  I managed to run home.  Got my keys in the door and told my Dad someone was following me.  My dad got up and ran out in his slippers chasing the man who was actually still watching me from the end of the road crouching behind a car!  My Dad chased him off and the man jumped over a fence and ran off.  My memory of this night is still so clear.

I think it was this event that got me thinking more and being aware of my gut feeling.

I have thought ever since, that had I listened to my gut feeling I would have taken the main road, not used the shortcut and not been in danger.

So why should we trust our Gut Feeling?

Firstly it’s important to understand what our gut feeling is exactly.

What is your Gut Feeling?

Our gut feeling is always our first response.  It comes from our Unconscious Mind which knows everything about us.  It knows what is right for you and what is not.  Our unconscious mind will look to keep us safe and knows instinctively what is good for us.  Using and trusting that first response is always the best thing for you before anyone or anything else has an influence.

This article from Psychology Today explains very simply about the Unconscious Mind.


1. It Helps you avoid making Bad Decisions

I believe there is no such thing as a bad decision as long as you have been the one to make the decision.  When other people start to add their thoughts and feelings to the decision you want to make it becomes more complicated and can sometimes lead to a decision being made based on other people’s opinions. This is not good!!

Being aware of that gut feeling you have, knowing what it feels like, whether something feels right or  wrong will give you the power to make a positive decision based on your thoughts, needs and emotions.

  1. It Gives you control over your Life

By trusting your gut you are giving yourself control.  You are giving yourself the power to listen, be aware and take on what is good for you and your body.  Your body will thank you for listening to your gut feeling.  By doing what we truly want to do rather than just going along with something because of someone or something else can put us in the driving seat of our lives, future, health and wealth.  You can start to master control over areas of our lives by listening to and trusting your gut feeling.

  1. It drives you forward and helps with success

By using your gut feeling you can achieve and succeed in what you do with more ease.  When you listen to your gut feeling you will be open to opportunities that feel right and you will be comfortable to say no to things that are not going to work for you.  Your unconscious mind always wants the best thing for you so by trusting your gut you will find yourself in situations that will take you the right path for you for success.

  1. It Keeps you safe

Just like in my story, your gut feeling will always keep you safe.  Had I listened to that initial gut feeling I had,  I strongly believe I would have not been in that scary situation of being followed home that night.  You are always the expert on you, so who better to listen to than you!

Situations that just don’t feel right, probably aren’t.  So get tuned into your gut feeling, notice it and listen to it.  You won’t go far wrong!

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